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There > < There

Undergoing anachronistic desconstruction

‘There There’ by PanOpto

A ludicrous digital blog and proxy critique of cyberspace, games and culture.

Old Clip Art + Gifs

Using anti-vapid theory protocols and generic futility futures, PanOpto has commodified attention to digital illusion and generally underminecrafted participation conspiracy values formerly subscribed to as ‘playing a game’.

This new game tests ‘players‘ awareness by alternately assuring and misleading them that how well they do depends on the observations and co-opinions of our top diegetic influencers’. 

The objective of the game is to find the space of ‘There There’

and become invisible

Preparation for meta-engagement ….

.Collect Ideologies

Calibrated caches of time enable you to periodize your play – you can choose from Not Now, Not Yet, Modern, Postmodern, Future-ish and Never Never – Depending on how robust or permeable your ‘Grasp’ of ideologies is.

Or just fall in with the classic Democracy Charade rules.

You gotta have a piece to play with!

So choose a token identity along with their attributes, from:


1. Hito Steyerl

– Post-art priestess, shows us all how not to be seen with her su-per powered sous-veillance and poor image corruption.


2. Max Headroom

– Veteran celebrity cyber-glitchbot, screwed up the 1980s and threw away the artificial rulebook on prosthetic entertainment.


3. Shudu Brown

– From Weymouth, England. A vision beyond all influence. Diverse and unobtainable – Shudu is actually digital!


4. lil weev

– almost anonymous, anachronist andrew auernheimer. lower case token hack: potentially on the alternative far right of your screen.


5. Zap Blast

– A condition of tomorrow facing the ever-present. Artistically indescribable because he is algorithmically somehow outside. 


3. Derrida Jaques

– Vives la différance and hit la rue Jaques! The joker in the pack. Derrida frustrates as he can pop up in multiple, globalised versions of the same game.

To Play- Work out what and where the game is, and then begin to inhabit the space of the game called ‘There, There’.

Choose from over 200 million digital dice designs offering more than 4 trillion chances to roll a magic number.

Roll the Dice – Hype your first move

To be invisible – Go again

In Punkworld, burning chrome affords you a latent, twisted, new arm.

Console Cowboy

Now Click the on all the blacks and whites in the captcha (Image) to confirm your status. Which will take you through to the Ideal-Ology Room where you will be able to save our preferences, The fun is totally inane!

Hey! don’t forget the future. It was here and now it’s yours to be reclaimed – if you can think of a better one! Recycled if you can’t, or dumped if you fail to become invisible….again – Ts&Cs apply. Future intelligence is block-chained within pre-neoludo protocols.


Pain Relief

Collect controlled substance abuse users and invest in online museums and galleries.

Then go on grid and meet the modernists, laugh at the futurists, cry for the expressionists, gawp at the theatrics of hate, spin-out at the mind-eating media of existence


and try your post-industrious hand in the plastic space of abstraction and the dripping wet matrix of Pollocks.

At last, a recognisable space background

And because it’s always wrong to hang pictures in the sky we’ve subverted the postArtSpace to Statusphere level with the more ethereal SICKIE Puzzle: (Sequentially Irretrievable Consciousness Kudos Icon Environment).

‘A delightfully silly recalibration’

Bribe the NORAS (Not Obviously Recognisable Award Seducer) with LOLS and submit to an ideological metagame in an endless series of isolated and hollow Howlz-Of-Pitiless Entropy.

PanOpto’s Di-chot-omic “2” throw gains access to the What’s-Left-Still-Standing Level and the penultimate challenge.

Ideo-logical fallacies

Now you must guess the city.


Scurry around the remaining cobalt lithium mines and try and hack out an endgame.


When you’ve pocketed the last of Molloy‘s NFT sucking stones.. (they’re Not F*cking Tasty)

Roll a 1 and a 0 then a 0 and a 1 in the correct order.

and one more …….

…… and you’re there <     >

There ……. Where? Who? What? … eh?


By now you should know that there is no there there.

There There

Roll Over

by PanOpto

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